The Many Different Types Of Auto Racing

Racing has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting and amazing forms of sports competition that the human race has ever created in the world. In case of automotive racing, there are actually many different types that would attract many unique groups of enthusiasts. In this guide, I will list out some of the best types of auto racing. You will definitely like it. These are the ones that are actually really famous, and they will always be loved by millions of people worldwide. I am sure that you know a few of these because they are famous.


  • Formula racing will probably be one of the most famous and professional form of car racing there is. It is a form of single-seater, and open-wheel circuit wherein the vehicle’s wheels are always located on the outside of the body. The cars are actually custom designed and also built, and the races are conducted in many separate circuit tracks which are all constructed for the formula one racing. These races are also some of the most-watched races in the world because it comprises of some of the best cars in the world which are all racing against one another. These cars are actually worth millions of dollars. Well, the most prestigious and also the most well-known formula racing event would indeed be the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix.
  • Sports Car Racing is the next one. Sports cars are two-seater vehicles with enclosed wheels with two types, which would be the grand tourers (GT), or they would be production derived models. And the prototype or even purpose-built cars which are all designed so that they can compete on closed circuits. The leading championship series for the sports car racing would be FIFA World Endurance Championship with the FIFA GT1 World Championship as the main for series GT car racing.

GT car racing

  • Stock car racing is indeed a very popular one. Imagine building a car yourself from scratch and imagine racing with it against other cars that were built by people like you from the scratch. I have been told that it is an amazing feeling. This would be a very popular thing in the United States Of America. Stock cars have been used for such races before, and it still happens a lot in the country. Well, some races are legal, and some are not. These are also usually done where the race takes place on an oval track where the cars are pushed to the limit over many laps as well.
  • Drag racing is the last one I would like to mention. It is undoubtedly one of the most basic forms of racing. It is done on a straight road and not an oval track.


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